A Not So Distant Lullaby

Welcome, dear friends, to my lullaby.  This world that I will create, will in time grow and hopefully inspire in some way, shape, or form, those who visit. 

All my young life I have been pulled in the direction of sheer creativity.  I have always considered myself a writer and photographer, whether those talents be great or absolutely horrible.  I’ve strived to find a way to let these creations grow and flourish into something I can share with the world.  I have yet to meet that goal in a professional sense, but I hope that some day those dreams will become reality. 

I apologize if, at first, this dreamland is on shaky ground.  I haven’t had an actual blog since my early years of high school, and of course, it was filled with the rants of angst-y, creative, high school goth.  I will have to admit that some of that may show through a little here, as I will forever be that girl somewhere inside my heart.  But I have grown into a working, ever-growing woman (and a Mrs.), and I have learned how to somewhat formalize my creativity. 

This will be my outlet.  It will be personal, it will be art, it will be literature, and it will be true.  You’ll see many things within these walls, as my interests break outside of every genre box.  Each day will be as different as I will be.  

Here you will find my poetry, my random thoughts, websites and other blogs that are currently tickling my fancy, and of course, my photography.  With every post, a photograph will be attached.  Whether my own (and most will be) or another artists work, each page will have its own photography necklace, beautiful imagery among words.

Since this post is an introduction with a lot of information about myself, I have decided that tonight’s photo will be a self-portrait (these will be rare, but occasional). 

Thank you for stopping by, whether you’re a friend, a parent, my wonderful husband =}, or someone I do not know, I hope you return and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. 

Also, do not be afraid to comment on my writing, photography, or anything else I post.  Helpful criticism is appreciated and valued (as I am not yet a “professional” at what I do). 

Continue creating,




~ by lunafleur on December 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Not So Distant Lullaby”

  1. i love that you are sharing with us, as you are beloved! look forward to anything from your creative side.

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