The Joys of Life, Great Murray Apartment Hunt, and Water Droplets

While sitting here with cold toes and a belly full of blueberry muffins, I thought I would share a few things with you.

First off, I’m going to be starting a new series of posts.  Unlike the failed Project Life, these posts will not have a certain time they will be posted.  Just whenever I feel like it.  This new project will be called The Joys of Life.

The idea for The Joys of Life came about one stupid day at my previous job.  Now, first off, I’m not a morning person at all.  I wake up fairly easy, but I’m grumpy and no amount of coffee helps.  But alas, I working the morning shift (by my own choosing), so I slugged in at 7:50am.  Now, I’ll be honest.  I occasionally have days where pretty much every little thing just pisses me off.  And working with the public does nothing but make those days worse.  Every single person that was coming up to the counter were pretty much being ignorant baffoons.  Now whether they were really being that way or I was biased considering my mood, I do not know.  All I know is that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING was getting on my nerves that day.  (And I wasn’t even menstrual).  So in my head, I started a list.  A list of everything I hated and/or could not stand in the world.  I thought on this list and kept adding onto it for about and hour.  My mood continued to get worse.  So finally, I got pissed off at myself.  All I was doing by going through this list was making myself worse and worse.  So I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and decided right then and there, that I would create a list of things that I LOVE about the world.  That was three or four months ago and I still continue to randomly write things down on this list (on the same sheet of paper).  I decided the other day, that I would like to attach photos and descriptions to these items and log them for memory.  Thus, The Joys of Life was born.  The items that I post will be random and in no particular order.  I will probably do the first post later on today.

On to topic number two.  The Great Murray Apartment Hunt.
If you weren’t already aware, Brad and I currently made an out of state move.  We moved from our home in Eastern Kentucky and became Ohio bound.  Since April 7th we have been living in a friend’s basement.  Brad found a job and I am still (enjoyingly) unemployed.  We checked out the first apartments on our list.  We really liked them and they kind of stuck with us ever since we started looking for places before we even moved.  We filled out some stuff, but unfortunately a one bedroom would not be available until June.  The one bedrooms at this place were $430.00 a month and $20.00 for water.  We didn’t really want to wait until June, so we continued our search.  We found another lovely apartment complex a little further away and quickly set up times to look at one.  The apartment was beautiful, but the only one we could see was a two bedroom.  Although we couldn’t see a one bedroom, we filled out an application and took it back as soon as we could.  And here is where the stupidity began.  We took everything we were told to take back, but the lady there said we still had to bring two-three more items with us.  For how far out of our way this was, this was a waste of a trip and a waste of gas (which is now OVER $4.00 a gallon).  So obviously, we were a little pissed.  We should have been told exactly what we needed to bring.  So we couldn’t do anything that day but come back home.  Oh, and the one bedroom at this place was $529.00 a month, not including any utilities.

So yesterday, we got all of our stuff together in plans to take it back to those apartments and THEN have them run our application and everything through.  Well, we had a sudden idea to check back with the first apartments to see if anything had become available yet.  When we got there, the lady said it would still be until June for a one bedroom to open up.  At this point, my lovely husband thought to ask if any two bedroom were available.  And fortunately, they were.  We had preferred a two bedroom anyway, but were going with just one because of the jump in prices.  Turns out, a two bedroom apartment at this place is only $450.00 a month, plus $20.00 water.  STILL cheaper than the one bedroom at the other place.  So we filled out all the required papers, looked at a two bedroom (which was really nice) and went on our way.  So I’ll let you know how that pans out when we hear back.

Topic Number Three.
I just wanted to point out the menu on the right side of this page entitled “Stuff”.  I encourage all of you to look into these pages and see what else you find that you might like!  There’s not much there now, but I’m hoping as this blog grows and as my readers/subscribers/viewers grow, more will be added and I will have better features for you.  So go check them out!


Just A Drop

Liquid Shadows

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2 Responses to “The Joys of Life, Great Murray Apartment Hunt, and Water Droplets”

  1. Those photos are beautiful, especially “Liquid Shadows.” Nice capture!

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