Mondays Memories: About

So I’ve been thinking about starting up a little project.  I’m going to call it Mondays Memories.

This little project is going to be about you guys.  I want truth, memories, moments in your life that you will never forget, or never want to forget.  I can’t promise that a story will be posted EVERY Monday.  It all depends on how much interaction and participation I get.  But if I get enough participants, I will do my best to post a beautiful story every week.

Rules and Guidelines:
1.  Stories you submit must be your own.  I don’t want other people’s memories.  I want yours.
2. Stories can be about anything that has happened in your life, but I ask that they be family friendly.  No late night rendevous or one night stands.
3. Please keep the amount of cursing and four letter words to a minimum.  Sometimes an occasional word is okay, I do it myself.  But I don’t want the enter thing to be bleep worthy.
4. Stories must be a decent length.  Long enough to make a good post.  I prefer at least a few paragraphs.
5. If you have photographs that go along with your story, amazing!  Nothing makes a story better than visual contributions.  Of course, as I stated above, your photos must be family friendly as well.
6. Stories will be chosen a week in advance.  So the sooner you send them, the sooner they will be posted.
7.  I will let you know in advance if you have been chosen.  I will also send you a button that you can post on your blog/site (put it up BEFORE your story has been posted.  However long you keep it up afterwards is your choice.)

Participants will have their stories posted, as well as a photo of themselves, and a link back to their blog or site .  A page on this blog will be created for Memory Mondays, and your story will remain listed on that page for future readers.

If you would like to participate email the following to me at with Mondays Memories in the subject line.  If I do not see Mondays Memories in the subject line, I will delete the email without opening.

Include in your email the following:
1. Your Name.  (I will only post first names).
2. A photograph of you.  (So readers can see the person they’re getting to know.)
3. Link to your website/blog.
4. Your age.
5. Your memory/story.
6. Any photographs that go along with your story.  (Please tell me if you prefer them in any certain order.  If not, I will post them in the order of my own liking).

I will inform you in advance if you have been chosen.

Everyone is welcome to participate.  No limit on age, gender, etc.  Come and share your memories with the world (and me)!



~ by lunafleur on May 16, 2011.

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