A Little Bit of Life

I know, I know.  I’ve been a bad girl.  I haven’t made a real god-honest post in quite a few days.  I won’t say a lot or make a  lot of excuses for myself because even though I’ve been going through a lot recently (and I still plan to write a post soley on that situation), I haven’t but could’ve used this blog for what I want it to be used for.  Therapy.  That’s what all personal blogs are, aren’t they?  When we have problems, or joys, or just want to share out lives with others, we make a post.  Therapy.  So here is me, apologizing.  Even though I have a very, very small readership (hopefully someday to grow), I know there are some people that do read this blog.  Some that read it just to know what has happened in my life since I’ve moved.  So to you guys, I apologize and am on my knees begging your forgiveness.  Now that that is out of the way, on to other day to day activities:

The past few days, I have gotten a whole hell of a lot accomplished.  Can anyone say “sarcasm”?


1.  I made a delicious beverage that I have termed “Cappacocoa” and shared it with a couple close friends who tried it themselves and *loved* it.

Reaping the creative benefits of a semi-coffee-cappuccino-chocolate-whatever-it-was beverage, I sat down to see what I could do with my writing.  I, unfortunately, fell victim to the procrastination bug and wrote absolutely nothing on October Rain, but hopefully I’ll become a good girl once again on the creative writing topic.  I did, however, score a cool little freelance job.  Not really steady, but hey, extra moneys coming in.  So that’s always good.  I will be writing articles for a website (will name at a later date when I have actually written one of said articles).  It’s pretty neat.  So I guess I did sort of accomplish something substantial.



2. When the hubband was away at a friends house, I made an awesome dinner just for myself.

Scampi-flavored noodles and baked beans.  Oh yes.  It was grand.


3.  The boy and I decided to go for a random drive around town.


We saw a really cool cloud that looked like it was funneling down to the ground (it really wasn’t, though).

4. Enjoyed some very beautiful and much needed sunsets.



Oh, and some streetlights.  🙂



Goodnight friends, and until next time…




~ by lunafleur on June 2, 2011.

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