The Author

My name is Darcus.

I’m twenty one years old and currently reside in Western Ohio.  I am a very open minded woman that cares about life, art, and whatever creativity a human brain can spout.  I have always loved to write and to read, and because of such, English and Writing were always my best subjects while in school.  I consider myself a good friend, daughter, and wife.  I try to see the best in people, which isn’t always a good thing, but I do what I can.  I’m very intuitive and care about how people feel and what they think about things.

I have always dreamed of being an author/photographer.  I see beauty in words and through a camera lense.  I’m nowhere near being a professional, but someday, I hope I can make a career out of my interests.  I write poetry, stories, and anything else that decides to come out of my finger tips.  I love to photograph a variety of things.  Insects, plants, animals, people, landscapes.  Anything.

I have an amazing husband, Brad,  that stands by me and supports me in all of my creative endeavors.  He’s the glue that holds all my many pieces together and I can’t imagine being without him.  I’ve become a much stronger person since he stepped into my life.  I’m thankful for him every single day and becoming his wife was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.  He’s my everything.

Random Facts About Me:

♥ I have one Angel Baby due to an ectopic pregnancy (my first pregnancy).
♥ I am an arachnaphobic.
♥ I like to sew.
♥ My ears are gauged to 00.
♥ I like to cook and bake, though I doubt myself a lot.
♥ I’m obsessed with vampires (have been all my life).
♥ I am allergic to Irish Spring soap, as well as bees.
♥ I love sweet tea.
♥ I am a Facebook addict.
♥ I cannot wait to become a mother.  I was born to be one.
♥ I am a natural red head.
♥ I smoke.
♥ I hate driving at night and am very fearful of deer.
♥ I have a jellyfish phobia.
♥ I am extremely afraid of the dark.
♥ I played softball during high school, as well as being on the yearbook staff, Beta Club, FCCLA, and Choir.
♥ Oh yeah, I love to sing.
♥ I like to paint, though I’m not very good at it.
♥ I have an obsession with New Orleans, Lousiana, and Ireland.
♥ I collect rubber ducks.
♥ I’m a Harry Potter – Twilight – True Blood nerd.
♥ I love watching it rain.
♥ Someday I would like to open up a jewelry shop on Etsy.


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